Construction at NICO: with meticulousness and passion

We construct machinery and assemblies as well as totally innovative products with meticulousness and passion.

Depending on requirements, we develop customised proposals or implement your specifications, through to detailed drawings and documentation of course.

Our calculations are optimized based on technological and commercial criteria.

Sheet metal construction in a wide variety of applications

NICO has outstanding expertise in the construction of components made from metal.
Machinery cover panels that are often essential for machine safety are designed professionally at NICO.

Requirements such as resistance to breakthrough, noise protection or fast machine doors are integrated intelligently in the process.

In addition, functional sheet metal components in mechanical assemblies open up totally new solutions and ways to reduce costs time and time again.

Software use provides customer advantages

We have a selection of CAD systems available for great efficiency, for example SolidWorks, Creo Elements/Pro (Pro/ENGINEER), Creo Elements/Direct Modeling (SolidDesigner), ME 10 and NX (Unigraphics).

The NICO construction designers use the different CAD program packages ideally and routinely which also provides advantages for you as customers.

NICO can score with its expertise in FEM simulation, particularly with special designs where fast but safe and economical solutions are called for.

At NICO you purchase exactly what you need

NICO's construction designers start exactly where you the customer are: with your idea, your sketch, your draft, your existing solution; in short: your current situation.

And supplies exactly what you the customer want: drafts, detailed drawings, assembly drawings, part lists, calculations, trial and test results through to prototypes and whole series.


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