Machine Safety

Protection and Safety courtesy of NICO

The safety configuration of your machine is the result of many detailed measures. The NICO team advises, designs and supplies solutions: drawing from in-depth know-how, extensive experience and a comprehensive background; in addition to results from on-site testing.

Consultation, design and delivery; as required

With NICO you gain security: either in emergency situations, such as tool breakage, or when it comes to preventing operating errors: a "must" with regards to increasing speeds and machine performance.

NICO has special expertise in machine cover design: wall thickness, geometry and material, as well as closing speeds are all important parameters for optimization.

Other facets such as noise and cost reduction are also taken into account. NICO provides help and practical advice in all of these aspects.

The motivations that drive potentially dangerous manipulation of safety equipment can be addressed with solutions that bring efficiency, safety, usability and ergonomics all in line.


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