Series Manufacturing

NICO provides smaller series assemblies

Quality has its roots in the design - and is completed in the manufacture.

NICO has the capacity to supply components for mechanical engineering and fixtures in series.

To reduce risk and expense

The keyword is outsourcing when you want to focus on your core business and save the expenses and risks of additional production processes:

  • materials procurement,
  • production control,
  • machine capacities,
  • quality and production risks,
  • storage or warehousing,
  • and last but not least, personnel expenses

- it can be very useful to outsource all of these and give the responsibilities to NICO.

Starting points for outsourcing

When considering to outsource production processes, in our experience the following basic criteria have proven to be helpful to come to a decision:

  • Is the technological equipment available?
  • Are the necessary capacities in existance and available?
  • Is the required expertise available?
  • Do any specific experiences exist?
  • Is a close integration between production design and testing important?

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