Welding Technology

The potential for cost reductions when welding is often enormous.

Starting from the production-oriented design to refined calculations of complicated welds: highly optimized solutions in welding are available with NICO.

NICO designs special optics and beam guidance systems for laser welding and cutting.

NICO welding services

You can expect from us:

  • When we design welded assemblies, we also bear in mind the production designs at the same time.
  • Multilayer welds in particular offer themselves to be optimized by calculations.
  • Welding seam calculations can be applied using the software ANSYS, based on the Finite Element Method.
  • We design laser welding technology or can adapt it to new requirements.

From conventional to laser welding

NICO revises your conventional welding assembly for laser welding - so you gain much higher efficiency.

Additional quality benefits: the lower heat input during laser welding leads to less distortion. Also, the rework is reduced during laser welding and can often be omitted entirely.

We would be happy to respond to specific questions on possible technical solutions and their associated business results.

Laser application technology

NICO helps the machine tool industry tap the potential of laser welding and laser cutting with focused beam guiding systems and external optics.

NICO brings knowledge and experience even when upgrading or modernizing existing facilities.


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